eBook - Tales from the Panchatantra
eBook - Tales from the Panchatantra
E. F. Dodd, B.A.
Tales from the Panchatantra(c)Macmillan Publishers India Private Ltd. Revised edition 2017 EBOOK
Table of contents
Tales From Panchatantra
1.The Monkey And The Piece Of Wood
2. The Jackal And The Drum
3. The Monkeys And The Bird
4. The Foolish Birds
5. The Lion And The Fox
6. The Tortoise And The Swans
7. The Snake And The Crows
8. The Four Fools
9. The Stork And The Crab
10. The Tiger And The Brahman
11. The Lion And The Hare
12. The Clever Chittu Bird