eBook - Around the world in 80 days
eBook - Around the world in 80 days
Jules Verne
eBook - Around the world in 80 days (c) Macmillan Publishers India Private Ltd. Revised edition 2017 EBOOK
Table of contents
Around The World In Eighty Days
1. In Which Mastermeets Man
2. In Which Passepartout Thinks He Has Found His Ideal
3. In Which There Is A Conversation Which May Prove To Be Costly
4. In Which Passepartout Is Surprised
5. In Which We Learn What The World Had To Say
6. In Which Detective Fix Is Impatient
7. Which Shows The Futility Of Passports For Police Purposes
8. In Which Passepartout Says More Than Is Wise
9. In Which The Mongolia Crosses The Red Seaand The Indian Ocean
10. In Which Passepartout Loses His Shoes
11. In Which Phileas Fogg Is Extravagant
12. In Which Strangethings Are Seen
13. In Which Passepartout Is Very Daring
14. In Which A Few Morethousand Pounds Are Spent
15. The Voyage To Hong Kong
16. In Which There Is Opium In Hong Kong
17. In Which Dangers Are Faced
18. Passepartout And A Long Nose
19. The Voyage Across The Pacific Ocean
20. In Which They Travel By Train
21. A New Kind Of Vehicle Helps Them On Their Way
22. Which Shows What Determination Can Do
23. Arrest And Release
24. In Which Passepartout Is First Anxious, Then Delighted
25. At The Reform Club
26. In Which We Hear The Conclusion Of Mr Foggs Journey
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