Fables and stories for beginners
Fables and stories for beginners
E. F. Dodd, B.A.
Fables and stories for beginners(c) Macmillan Publishers India Private Ltd. Revised edition 2017 EBOOK
Table of contents
Fables And Stories For Beginers
Fable 1: The Hare And The Tortoise
Story 1: The Car And The Bullock Cart
Fable 2: The Lion And The Mouse
Story 2: The Small Brown Dog
Fable 3: The Dog And The Meat
Story 3: The Greedy Fisherman
Fable 4: The Frog And The Bullock
Story 4: The Foolish Builder
Fable 5: The Fox And The Bird
Story 5: Sita And The Jewels